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Uncle Vania
Uncle Vania
Directed: by Rafael Reyros
Set design:Oscar Heredia, Adriana Bustos
Sets:Eduardo Silvano, Carlos Campos
Costumes:Angela Chali, Elza Reyeros, Alejandro Babiackzuk
Music:Flavio Covednik
Lights:Francisco Sarmiento
Scenography and costumes:Rafael Reyeros, Cristina Morini
Assistant director:Cristina Morini
«Uncle Vania's» characters could be the first emigrants to America who continue to live here in our country reincarnated in us. We took the play and adapted it to argentines reality. As if life of heroes is the life of creol family. We are the nation of emigrants and we carry all the fardel of their disillusions...
authors' note:
Reyeros compounds the Chekhov's mysticism with existent symbolism of Borkhes.
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