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The Barcelona Flamenco Ballet performs in the Chekhov Festival’s Moscow Streets Programme

The Barcelona Flamenco Ballet performs in the Chekhov Festival’s Moscow Streets Programme

On the 11th (at 19:00), 12th (at 15:00, 18:00 and 20:00) and 13th (at 14:00, 16:00 and 18:00) of August 2023, visitors to the Moscow Urbanistic Forum venue in Luzhniki will get a unique opportunity to enjoy Luxuria, the spectacular music-and-dance production presented by members of the Flamenco Ballet from Barcelona. This show recreates the world of passion, love, madness and tragedy by means of classical Flamenco style, combined with elements of contemporary choreography and modern live music. The performances can be seen near the Festival Square, and last for one hour. Admittance to all shows is free of charge.

About this production
The Barcelona Flamenco Ballet was established in 2017, and today it is already acknowledged as one of the world’s most popular dance companies. They have toured many countries from China to Serbia, they have conquered their native Spain, and won international fame. The company’s principal mission, as they believe, is the promotion of Catalan art and culture all over the globe, as well as the support for young talents, offering them a chance to become a part of the Catalan “Flamenco family”.
With their Luxuria, the Catalan company is taking the audience into a world of changeful passions and stoic loyalties, hopes-come-true and deceived expectations, delights and disappointments, that is to say, into a world filled with love. The main character, a successful artist accustomed to female attention, is suddenly falling in love himself. Having encountered the love of his life, the formerly self-assured person has, perhaps for the first time ever, to overcome uncertainty, to struggle with his own ambition, and to temper his arrogance. Unless he does, loneliness is in store for him.
Love and passion are very absorbing themes, and flamenco ballet is one of the most perfect means to interpret them. The intensity of unfeigned emotions, the brilliant skills of the performers, the artful synthesis of musical styles — from classical forms to jazz and traditional flamenco — are guaranteed to astonish and enchant the audience at once. The innovative blend of traditional flamenco with its more contemporary variations makes this show an exquisite and contagious experience.