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The Chekhov Festival Street Programme is under way in Moscow

The Chekhov Festival Street Programme is under way in Moscow

The XVI Chekhov International Theatre Festival, with support from the Government of Moscow, is spilling out again beyond theatre walls. The Chekhov Festival’s Moscow Streets Programme is offering Muscovites and visitors an opportunity to appreciate the art of the participants of our Festival’s World Series, as well as the specially invited theatre companies. Our schedule for July and August comprises some brilliant productions presented by performers from four countries — India, Spain, Belarus and Japan. The shows will be held at Festival venues of the Moscow Seasons in various parts of the city.
In all cases these shows can be attended free of charge.

On 28, 29 and 30 July, at Tverskaya Square, the Drishtikon Dance Foundation, directed by the famous Indian dancer and choreographer Aditi Mangaldas, will present Utsav – A Celebration of Life. Utsav translates from Sanskrit as “a special occasion”, “festival” or “celebration”. This colourful inimitable dance show is a masterly demonstration of Kathak, the ancient Indian art of dance. In Sanskrit, Kathak means “storyteller”, or “one who tells a story”. In other words, the ancient epic subjects are here interpreted through the idiom of dance. This type of dancing has brought together the Hinduist and Islamic cultures. In the days of yore, Kathak was performed not only in Hinduist temples, but also in the palaces of the Moslem rulers of India. The dancers’ movements are accompanied by the jingling of bells and bracelets which they wear, and this produces a special effect when they are reeling faster and faster.

On 11, 12 and 13 August visitors to the Moscow Urbanistic Forum in Luzhniki will get a unique chance to enjoy Luxuria, the spectacular music-and-dance show presented by members of the Flamenco Ballet from Barcelona. This show recreates the world of passion, love, madness and tragedy by means of classical Flamenco, blended with elements of contemporary choreography and modern live music.
On 18, 19 and 20 August The Golden Age will be brought to you by the InZhest Plastic Theatre, the oldest and as yet the only company in Belarus, which has worked in the genre of pantomime and street theatre for over forty years. It took part in numerous festivals and international projects in Belarus, Russia and Europe. The Golden Age is a pantomime in the Baroque style, a beautiful love story set in the Golden Kingdom, which tells us about treacherous Aliens, and the triumph of Wisdom through the intervention of “God from the machine” – Deus ex machina.

On 25, 26 and 27 August the finale of our Chekhov Festival’s Moscow Streets Programme will be held at the venue of the Moscow Urbanistic Forum in Luzhniki. This will be the performance by the world-famous Japanese taiko drum group, Nobushi. Traditional Japanese drumming is here enriched with their own unique style and character, which does full justice to their very name. Nobushi translates as “wild samurai”, and this is precisely how they do it – with complete determination, fantastic power, and amazing plasticity. The group is based in Fukuoka, and performs not only in Japan, but also all over the world, both at theatres and stadiums.

More information on the time and place of all our events will be found on our official website WWW.CHEKHOVFEST.RU .