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Lin Lee-Chen

Lin Lee-Chen

(born 1950)

Is a Taiwanese choreographer. She graduated from the Faculty of Dance at the University of Chinese culture and already in the 1970s attracted attention as a dance teacher and choreographer in high school, where her dance productions, as well as hundreds of their performers, each year deserved many National awards and had a significant impact on the dance and theatre productions in Taiwan. Her first solo work "Don’t Forget Your Umbrella" in 1978, which she choreographed and performed, was very successful and aroused great interest.

Her subsequent choreographic work on stage and screen only supported her reputation. Surprisingly, in the midst of her career, she left directing to devote herself to the family. Nevertheless, troubled by the rapid and dramatic decay of Taiwan's traditional culture and art, Lin Lee-Chen soon felt the need to return to the stage as a choreographer and director of her theatre.   She founded Legend Lin Dance Theatre to revitalise and support the identity of Taiwanese culture.  

In 2009, Lin Lee-Chen presented the result of nine-year work, the long-awaited final part of the Lin trilogy dedicated to Heaven, Earth, and Human. In “Miroirs de Vie” she explores the beauty and sorrow of all things and all beings visible and invisible; In “Hymne aux Fleurs qui Passent” Lin depicts the connection between the man and the spirit of nature; and “Song of Pensive Beholding” is full of compassion for a world destroyed by human cruelty and greed. The relationship between people, spirits, and gods permeates all her work.