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Director, actor, stage designer and graphic artist.

He began his career with an amateur company «Doprapo», where he directed his first production, based on Wonnegut's «Grotesques». Soon Lebl founded the «How Was the Trip» studio-theatre, later renamed into «Jelo». In the period between 1985 and 1991 he staged his own scenic versions of the texts by Morgenstern, Eliade («The Serpent»), Kafka («The Metamorphosis», «Singer Josephina and Her Brothers»), Wispianski («The Wedding»), Ugde («The Fitter»).

Lebl's professional career of director commenced in 1992 with the production of his college-fellow Egon Tobiaz's scandalous play «Woizev». That was followed with «Fernando Krapp Wrote Me a Letter» by T.Dorst, assessed by critics as the best production of 1992/1993.  In 1993 Lebl won the contest and became artistic director of Divadlo na Zabradii. In the 1993-1994 season he produced Genet's «The Maids», Stroupeznizki's «Our Phraze-Mongers» and Chekhov's «The Seagull».
Lebl is looked upon as leader of the Czech post-modernism. The ambience of Lebi's production is the frozen air of those enchanted places where time stopped a long time ago. 
Lebl is committed suicide in 1999.