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2nd Chekhov International Theatre Festival in Moscow

2nd Chekhov International Theatre Festival in Moscow

2nd Chekhov International Theatre Festival in Moscow
Moscow. March - July 1996.
38 productions from 18 countries.

The second festival was a real test for durability of the new institution. During the four years since 1992, the Chekhov Festival’s team led by Valery Shadin made the most serious breakthrough in joint international projects: with the support of the Goethe-Institut, they participated in the creation and run of a huge Russian-German scenic fresco – eight-hour long ”Oresteia" directed by Peter Stein on the stage of the Russian Army Theatre (1994). The production had a huge response and a successful festival story. In 1994, Valery Shadrin brought two magnificent productions by Declan Donnellan and Cheek by Jowl to Moscow, "Measure for Measure" and “As You Like It".  The 2nd Chekhov Festival in 1996 has shown almost 40 performances, and each of them became an event! "Uncle Vanya" and "Oresteia" by Peter Stain, "Three Sisters" by Eimuntas Nekrošius, “The Duchess of Malfi" by Declan Donnellan at the theatre "Cheek by Jowl", "Happy Days" by Peter Brook (this great guru of the modern theatre will come to Chekhov Festival twice-in 2007 and 2017), “The Seagull” by Petr Lebl (Prague Theatre on the Balustrade), the first touring in Russia of the ballet staged by Maguy Marin (France), "Lamentations" by Anatoly Vasilyev and Vladimir Martynov - that’s only a part of this firework of various theatrical ideas and forms. 

But, perhaps, the center of this magnificent composition was “The Island of Slaves" - the play of Pierre de Marivaux directed by Giorgio Strehler in the Piccolo Teatro of Milan. Giorgio Strehler could not come to Moscow, despite he was very much awaited on the Festival. In December 1997, he passed away. But his great production "The Servant of Two Masters" opened the Third World Theatre Olympics in Moscow (2001), and in 2011 this production returned to Moscow and then toured six more cities of the country.

... At this time I will not be with you, but that doesn’t really matter. I'm here, with the actors, in the mise-en-scenes, in the light effects, in every gesture and word. My artistic spirit is more important than my physical presence. And still, I hope that we will meet again, or together with my Piccolo Theatre, or under some other circumstances.
It is essential, believe me, to always have a theatre, to have it developed and loved by viewers.
As artists, we are just a tool of theatre poetics, which is the essence of the theatre. I want to repeat again that this, I hope, is not the last meeting.
I cordially embrace my Russian colleagues and friends, because all of us, we are members of a large family, for which there are no borders.
Always Yours
Georgio Strehler
Milan, June 29, 1996
As at any festival, everything is determined by context and chance. One adjacency turns out to be unnecessary and strange, and the other forces to compare and think about what is happening today with the theatre. ... the former "our" Nekrošius and "our" (considering his ancestry) Brook do not contradict one another. The "total" and "poor" theatres are perfectly adjacent in the world as they are adjacent on the Chekhov Festival poster. Luckily, that, unlike in life, in art it is possible not to choose, and simply to enjoy both: to compare, to accumulate experiences and to think. And if one feels like it, they should resent it, as there is no theatre without resentment.
Anatoly Smeliansky, The Moscow News
The Festival, as well as the modern theatre,  encompassed almost all the aspects of theatre practices: from the performance-ritual (...) to the performance-provocation... The Festival discovered the absolute tolerance of the world's artistic space and omnivorous audience, or rather, the presence of the public for any production: from the exquisite-psychological theatre of Peter Brook to the philosophical commedia dell'arte of Strehler, from the romanticized Brechtian style of Sturua to Suicide-surrealistic Chekhov of Nekrošius...
Mikhail Shvydkoy

It is scary to write about the festival, because it forms a picture of the world theatre of the late 20th century and, regardless of all the pros and cons, this picture is probably the only consolation that we still have.

Marina Timasheva, Vechernyaya Moskva

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