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5th Chekhov International Theatre Festival in Moscow May 17 – July12, 2003

5th Chekhov International Theatre Festival in Moscow May 17 – July12, 2003

5th Chekhov International Theatre Festival in Moscow  May 17 – July12, 2003

The Fifth Anton Chekhov International Theatre Festival took place in 2003 and in a large measure followed the traditions of the Theatre Olympics.For the first the Japanese theatre season was held within the framework of the Festival, their programs featuring the performances of the Kabuki and Noh theatres, as well as Tadashi Suzuki’s Performing Arts Center in Shizuoka.

The programs the World Series, the Experimental Theatre and Theatre for Children, the latter being for the first time organized within the framework of Chekhov Festival, featured 40 productions. The audiences saw the new productions by Declan Donnellan, Jacques Lassalle, Robert Sturua, Frank Castorf, Matthias Langhoff, Christoph Marthaler, Bartabas and some others. For the first time in the program of Chekhov Festivals included “portrait of theatre” – The State Stuttgart Drama Theatre: seven productions in the Experimental Theatre Program.  Three works of young Moscow directors had been produced in association with the Chekhov Festival and included in the Experimental Program also.

Moscow theatres were represented at the Festival by 46 productions.

Within the framework of the Festival were readings of the plays by foreign dramatists and round-tables on the following subjects:

“Theatre and violence – the new morality: taboos and theatre, globalization and theatre”;

“The purity of genres: the context of cultural memory. The culture of dialogues”.

There were also meetings with well-known directors whose works were represented at the Festival.

"Demons" (Demonis) "Demons" (Demonis)
Comedians, Spain
Twelfth Night Twelfth Night
Russia - UK
Kaze (Wind) Kaze (Wind)
Tero Saarinen Company and Yas-Kaz Unit
Finland - Japan - Senegal
Horses of the Wind Horses of the Wind
Equestrian Theatre Zingaro
Cookin’ Cookin’
PMS Productions and Broadway-Asia’ Company
Мu Quei-lng Мu Quei-lng
Chinese National Opera Theatre Kuo Kuang
George Dandin George Dandin
Russia - France
Love Suicides of Sonezaki Love Suicides of Sonezaki
Troupe Chlkamatsu-dsa
The Master and Margarita The Master and Margarita
Theatre Volksbuehne
Berlin, Germany
The Government Inspector The Government Inspector
Teatro di Genova
Genoa, Italy
Cyrano de Bergerac Cyrano de Bergerac
Shizuoka Performing Arts Centre
Kagekiyo Kagekiyo
NOH Theatre
The Tale of the Fair Miller’s Wife The Tale of the Fair Miller’s Wife
Theatre Schauspielhaus
Zurich, Switzerland
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Dancing on Glasses Dancing on Glasses
Theatre Group
Hayachine-Take-Kagura Hayachine-Take-Kagura
Association of Preservation of Hayachine-Take-Kagura
Side В Side В
Batic Company
Destination of Reed Destination of Reed
Dance Company Reiko Noto
Arabian Night Arabian Night
Staatstheater Stuttgart
Vagina Monologue Vagina Monologue
Theatre Kiste
Sweet Hamlet Sweet Hamlet
Theatre Kiste
Simultaneously Simultaneously
Theatre Kiste
Bremen Freedom (Bremer Freiheit) Bremen Freedom (Bremer Freiheit)
Staatstheater Stuttgart
The Robbers The Robbers
Theatre Kiste
More Than Rain ... More Than Rain ...
Belarusian Cultural Development Fund
Fahrenheim Fahrenheim
M. Nemirovskaya's Independent Company
Synchroneous Synchroneous
Studio under the direction of O. Tabakov
A. is Another Woman A. is Another Woman
Russia - Germany
The Clouds The Clouds
Erevan Theatre of the Young Spectator
A.D. A.D.
Russia - Sweden
Atlante Urbano Occidentale (Occidental Urban Atlas) Atlante Urbano Occidentale (Occidental Urban Atlas)
Company Macchinazioni Teatrali
Zhan Zhuang Zhan Zhuang
Акте Physical Theatre Experimental Ballet troupe
Portofino Ballad Portofino Ballad
Theatre En Gros et En Detail
Bufaplanetes Bufaplanetes
Pep Bou Company
Fairy-tale of Childhood Fairy-tale of Childhood
the Teatro Testoni Ragazzi
Та Ti Ting Та Ti Ting
Theatre «Rio Rose»
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The Snow Maiden The Snow Maiden
«New Opera»
Pagllacci Pagllacci
Moscow "New Opera"
Macbett Macbett
Satirikon Theatre
The Marriage The Marriage
Mayakovsky Theatre
Hamlet Hamlet
Stanislavsky Theatre
The Loop The Loop
Theatre Moderne
Erast Fandorin Erast Fandorin
Russian Youth Theatre
The Town The Town
Theatre School ot Contemporary Play
The Actor The Actor
Theatre Studio of 0. Tabakov
Flight Flight
Theatre Studio under the direction ot Oleg Tabakov
The Poisoned Tunic The Poisoned Tunic
Театр «Мастерская П. Фоменко»
The Government Inspector The Government Inspector
Teatro di Genova
Genoa, Italy
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